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The Crypto News Podcast

Mar 31, 2018

Everybody’s Out To Kill Crypto … But Like A Cockroach, It’ll Survive CryptoGeddon!

Coming up in today’s show:

  • We’ve figured out some ways that we can destroy Bitcoin and we’;ll share them with you today!
  • Students are getting on on cryptos big-time … but isn’t that money supposed to be spent on...

Mar 28, 2018

Dominic Frisby is probably best known as co-host of Money Pit which you can watch on uktvplay ... I got really absorbed in it yesterday when I was giving it a try.

Dominic is a MoneyWeek contributor and writes for The Guardian.

Dominic wrote the book Bitcoin: The Future of Money' which is why we were keen to interview...

Mar 24, 2018

Coming up in today’s show:

  • Just when you thought you had your cryptos safe on a Ledger Nano S - a teenager comes along and finds a massive vulnerability!
  • We hear bullish predictions that Bitcoin wil be king in a decade .. and none of John McAfee’s body parts are implicated in that prediction ...
  • In the week that...

Mar 21, 2018

Matthew Mcilwham is a recent graduate from Newcastle University, and completed a quantitative finance and risk management degree.

The first time he learnt about cryptocurrencies was back in 2015, where a friend introduced him to bitcoin

Initially, he was buying and selling Bitcoin,however, towards the end of 2016 he...

Mar 17, 2018

Coming up in today’s show:

  • The UK Government considers – then reconsiders – ditching 1p and 2p coins – could this be the beginning of the end for tradiotional currency and will the £50 note be next?
  • First it was Facebook – then Twitter – and now Google joins the gang by banning adverts related to...