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The Crypto News Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

Coming up in today’s show:

  • We’ve been away for a crypto weekend – and we’ve discovered all sorts of new stuff about the Blockchain
  • Paul struggles to find a pint he likes at the pub opposite the hotel and ends up drinking cider instead of John Smiths bitter
  • And the shocking thing we learned about Lastpass which...

Apr 28, 2018

Coming up in today’s show:

  • At last … at long last … thank God! We’re finally surrounded by a sea of greens and it’s like crypto heaven!
  • The Nasdaq gives a thumbs up to crypto and gets together with the Winklevoss twins – that could be huge for coin holders
  • AND MIT Comes Up With Three Ways To Destroy...

Apr 25, 2018

Carter Thomas is the founder of the excellent Coin Mastery podcast and YouTube channel.

Every day he creates content based around crypto currencies, investing, trading and psychology.

Whereas many trading podcasters make it all look very technical and geeky, Carter keeps the language simple and makes everything easily...

Apr 21, 2018

Coming up in today’s show:

  • The New York Attorney General has launched an investigation into 13 major cryptocurrency exchanges trading bitcoin and other digital currencies - should we all brace for tighter regulation?
  • We have a round-up of Bitcoin price predictions and ask if it’s time yet to book that three month...

Apr 14, 2018

Coming up in today’s show:

  • Brace yourself for crucial Ledger Nano S news – is it time to find something better for storing your cryptos?
  • We ask if a decentralized paradise nothing more than a medieval hellhole?
  • AND – are we being played for suckers when it comes to cryptocurrency credit card fees?

The Crypto...