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The Crypto News Podcast

Jan 12, 2019

We’re One Year Old Today! We Take A Look At What We’ve Learned After 12 Months Of Crypto

Coming up in today’s show:

  • Happy Birthday to us – but did we learn anything over the past 12 months?
  • What have been our biggest learning points since starting the show?
  • Where is crypto heading next – we’ll give our 2019 predictions!


Links From This Week's Show …

1) The Flippening:

2) The Halvening:

3) Purpose of stable coins:

4) Authy:

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Our Crypto Predictions [Not financial advice]

  • It’s all about Bitcoin in the immediate future and BTC will survive long term
  • Many projects will wither and die over the next year
  • Many crypto projects will be funded in the conventional way in future – with financial backers and Angel Investors [it’s a more stable source of funding]
  • Goverments will realise that the only way to get ahead of this thing will be to convert FIAT to crypto – that way they see EVERYTHING and Orwell’s 1984 dystopia has finally arrived
  • When governments have their own crypto they may ban all other crypto currencies – they can block it because you won’t be able to move your other cryptos into anything you can use
  • The usual suspects will corner the market and everything will remain as centralised as it ever was
  • This will all take some time- hopefully enough time for us all to make some cash from it before it happens.